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Effective Sentence
  1. Effective sentences need to be concise, grammatical, and powerful. This might seem like a simple list, but it takes a lot of practice. Here are three websites and three online sites that can help you learn more about writing sentences.

    "Concise" means using no more words than necessary to convey your meaning. Here are six ways to achieve conciseness.

    1. Avoid redundancy.  Look at this table--the words in parentheses aren't necessary. They say the same thing as the main phrase.

    ten p.m. (at night)

    tall (in height)

    our (final) conclusion

    (the month of) June

    square (in shape)

    to combine (together)

    to ask (a question)

    a consensus (of opinion)


     2. Watch out for wordy phrases. Wordiness happens when you use more words than you need to say something. For example, "in view of the fact that" means simply, "because."



    based on the fact that


    despite the fact that


    in the event that


    at the present time


    until such a time as


    on a weekly basis


    it is often the case that


    have the ability to


    during the course of


    take under consideration


    to be of the opinion

    to think

    to make reference to

    to refer to

    in the final analysis



    3. Make your subject clear and defined.

    Unclear: The practice of revision would improve our writing.
    Clear: Revision would improve our writing.

    Avoid empty subjects it and there (called expletives) when possible.

    Empty: There is no way to become a better writer than to practice.
    Defined: We can become better writers if we practice.

    4. Use strong verbs.  Avoid using sentences that rely overly on some form of the word 'to be' in combination with nouns or prepositions. 

    to be + nouns: What we found was a solution to the problem.

    Strong verb: We solved the problem.

    5.  Avoid vague words. Words like "thing," "stuff," "material," "people," "get," or "did" should be replaced with precise nouns or verbs.

    Vague: I needed to get some stuff at the store.

    Clear: I needed to buy some groceries at the farmer's market.

    6. Remove unnecessary modifiers. Too many modifiers weaken the force of your writing; they bury your main ideas in a mountain of words that don't mean much. Look for modifiers like "many," "really," "quite," "in my opinion," etc. and edit them out of your writing.

    Unnecessary: In my opinion,  that movie was really quite good. I'm very glad we saw it.

    Concise: That movie was great! I'm glad we saw it.

     In your notebook, and on the discussion boards, practice writing some powerful, concise sentences. And, of course, comment on your classmates' sentences.


    The Purdue OWL (online writing lab): http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/

    Revising Prose: http://www.ccp.rpi.edu/resources/revising-prose/

    Sentences: Simple, Compound, and Complex: http://eslbee.com/sentences.htm


    Effective Sentences: Writing for Success, by  Jan Fluitt-Dupuy, University of Michigan Press, 2006.

    Gateways to Academic Writing: Effective Sentences, Paragraphs, and Essays, by Alan Meyers, Pearson Publishing, 2004.

    The Well-Crafted Sentence: A Writer's Guide to Style, by Nora Bacon, Bedford/St. Martins Press, 2012.

    Look also at a very good blog post, "Not Every Sentence Can Be Great But Every Sentence Must Be Good":http://brevitymag.com/craft-essays/every-sentence/, by Cynthia Newberry Martin.

    If you know of other good websites or books for writing effective sentences, add them to the discussion.


Джерело: https://courses.edx.org/courses/BerkeleyX/ColWri2.1x/3T2013/courseware/801692fcdc2a42ea8bec71e876225b3a/ff39b23897e74e3b
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