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Used to / Would

Used to/Would

Used to використовується для того, аби розказати про ваші звички у минулому, про те, що ви колись робили, але вже не робите. Наприклад:

I used to smoke. Я мав звичку палити.

Це речення означає, що ви колись палили, але вже не маєте такої звички у даний момент. Його також можна перекласти як «раніше я палив».

used to play chess when I was a child. Я грав у шахи в дитинстві (коли був дитиною).

Часто-густо такі речення перекладають  так: «Бувало, в дитинстві я грав у шахи».

Іноді також можна почути такий діалог:

-  Do you go in for sports?

used to.

Ви займаєтесь спортом? Займався. (раніше займався, але вже не займаюсь)

Чудова, цікаво конструкція, що дозволяє передати складне, розвернуте значення в одному маленькому виразі used to.

Used to

Continuing past states.
Example. I used to enjoy being scared.

Used to and would

Habits or repeated actions in the past.
Example. He would/used to throw things at them.

Note: with a time reference, always use used to.
Example. Dad used to tell us spooky stories in the evening.

I. Match the two parts of the sentences.

When I was seven…

  1. My older brother use to make ______
  2. I used to think ______
  3. I would look ______
  4. Every night, I would make ______
  5. Some nights, my parents would sit ______
  6. My parents used to hope ______

a) I would grow out of my fear.
a) my parents go upstairs with me.
b) with me until I fell asleep.
c) under the bed for monsters before I got into it.
d) horrible noises I would grow out of my fear.
e) outside my bedroom.
f) monsters lived under my bed.

II. Choose the correct form to complete the sentences. Sometime both are possible.

  1. He used to/ would get up at 5 a.m. when she was small.
  2. Dorothy used to/ would live in a haunted house.
  3. The haunted room used to/ would be a bedroom.
  4. I didn’t use to/ wouldn’t play in the haunted room.
  5. I didn’t use to/wouldn’t believe in monsters or aliens.
  6. Did you use to/ Would you stay up late when you were young?

III. Complete the sentences with the correct form of used to and the verb in brackets:

  1. When I was little, I used to hate (hate) olives.
  2. Paul _____________ (not/behave) like this before we were married.
  3. My granddad _______ (do) a lot of extreme sports when he was younger.
  4. ___________ (you/go) skiing in winter when you were a child?
  5. I ___________ (not/go out) as much as I d now.
  6. Where ________ (your family/live) before Word War II?

IV. Replace the highlighted phrases with used to or would + verb:

used to watch/ would watch

  1. From an early age I often watched science fiction film.
  2. A century ago, people thought it was impossible to fly to the moon.
  3. He sometimes dreamed that time travel was possible.
  4. didn’t believe in aliens until I saw one.
  5. Did people laugh at scientists who said they would invent a flying machine?
  6. When he was young he was always drawing pictures of planets.

V. In pairs, take turns to ask and answer the questions.

  1. Did you use to believe in ghosts? Do you believe in ghosts now? Why/Why not?
  2. What did you use to believe as a child which seems funny now?
  3. What did you use to be afraid of when you were little?
  4. What didn’t you use to like as a child but love now?



Ex. I. 1e, 2f, 3d, 4b, 5c, 6a.
Ex. II. 1. both, 2. used to, 3. used to, 4. didn’t use to, 5. didn’t use to, 6. both.
Ex. III. 2. didn’t use to behave, 3. used to do, 4. did you use to go, 5. I didn’t use to go out, 6. did your family use to live.
Ex. IV. 2. used to think, 3. used to dream/would dream, 4. didn’t use to believe, 5. did people use to laugh/ would people laugh, 6. used to draw/ would draw.

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