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Grammar Rules

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1. Derive nouns from the following verbs and adjectives:

to judge, to acknowledge, to develop, to admire, to explore, to imagine, to satisfy, normal, distant, real, dark, beautiful, to run, to jump, able, compile.


2. Choose the correct option.

1) Mexico is the southernmost country in North America. It borders the United States on the north.

a) north America … North                b) North America … North

c) North america … north                 d) No change is necessary

2) The Northern Hemisphere is the half of the earth that lies north of the Equator.

a)     Northern hemisphere … earth … equator

b)     Northern hemisphere … Earth … Equator

c)     Northern Hemisphere … earth … equator

d)     No change is necessary


3) The Koran is considered by Muslims to be the holy word.

a) Koran … muslims             b) koran … Muslims

c) koran … muslims              d) No change is necessary


3 Identify which of the following words are usually countable [C] or uncountable [U] or can be in different senses both countable [C] and uncountable[U].

  1. furniture      
  1. scenery
  1. news
  1. dust  
  1. view       
  • work
  1. penny
  1. hair                    
  • knowledge
  1. progress       
  1. gossip                
  1. butter
  1. virtue
  1. joy          
  1. money
  1. pizza
  • job
  1. coffee


4. Correct any errors in noun plurals in the following sentences.

1)      Two dormitories are being renovated during the summer break.

2)      The math instructor said, “Two halfs make a whole”.

3)      Dr Shepard read the admission criterias to the incoming freshmen.

4)      Mary bought a new pair of skies for the skiing trip.

5)      I have three shelfs above my desk.

6)      The childrens will trick or treat the whole evening on Halloween.


5. Say if the noun is singular or plural and use the correct form of the verb (is or are).

1) The news I have received ... good.

2) Where .. the money?

3) His trousers ... worn out.

4) Our furniture ... getting old.

5) This pair of scissors ... not sharp.

6) The cattle ... grazing in the field.

7) His advice ... very wise.

8) Your hair ... too long.

9) His knowledge ... not good enough.

19) There ... lots of people on the platform.

20) The people ... pleased at the news.

21) His clothes ... new.


10) Some people ... coming today.

11) His information ... not correct.

12) The news ... heard on the radio at 7 o’clock.

13) The furniture ... of good quality.

14) His trousers ... too long for him.

15) The man’s clothes ... on the chair.

16) Here ... a good piece of news.

17) My advice to you ... to travel and  see more of the world.

18) The advice that you gave me ... good..

22) The police ... there.

23) Mathematics ... my best subject.

24) There ... a lot of fruit on the table.

25) There ... a lot of vegetables on the table.

6. Translate into English using the words in the brackets.





5)to make progress













Convert the words in brackets into nouns by adding noun affixes or by affixless ways of word formation.

  1. Modern (a pot) is usually ornamental.
  2. No one should be held in (a slave).
  3. The moon is bright only by (to reflect).
  4. The new law brought many social (to reform).
  5. She complained to the doctor that she had a feeling of (full) after eating.
  6. What is your (to assess) of this state of affairs?
  7. A person or firm to whom money is owned is a (to credit).
  8. Do you have (to specify) for a car?
  9. If you want a (to share) in pay you’ll have to do your (to share) of the work.
  10. We’ll organize the (to deliver) of goods to your door.
  11. To say he was rich was an (to exaggerate).
  12. I picked up a (a hand) of letters and began to open them.
  13. The act of admitting one’s crimes, faults, etc is called (to confess).
  14. (mission) is a person who is sent usually to a foreign country to spread his religion there.
  15. The (safe) of the ship is the captain’s responsibility.
  16. A person who studies at a place of education is a (to study).
  17. Your (to judge) of the facts is based on the (to presuppose) that they are true.
  18. The master gave the slave his (free).
  19. It must be 5 degrees below (to freeze) now.
  20. The government would not even consider his (to claim) for money.

Unit 2

1. Proofread the following sentences for errors in capitalization.

  1. On saturday night joe masters and his rhythm boys entertained the yorkville social club.
  2. My cousin robert has a decided french accent.
  3. He referred to his section of the southwest as “god’s country”.
  4. The street was named sherman street in honour of general sherman.
  5. I remember that there was a chinese boy in my class in burton high school.
  6. Father and mother both approve of the united nations.
  7. Oh, there goes dr jones now!
  8. We wrote to captain anderson of the ninety-fifth coast artillery.
  9. He has a book about the stone age.
  10. They stayed with their uncle from thanksgiving until christmas.

2. Decide which nouns are countable and which are uncountable and complete the sentences with their correct form, singular or plural. Make other changes if necessary.

  1. (swine) These white … (does, do) not live long.
  2. (watch) This … (was, were) a special favourite with Mr Pickwick.
  3. (loss) There were small …: a spoon for the baby’s feeding and a pair of scissors.
  4. (people) The … (was, were) asking me what the matter was.
  5. (potato) All the … (is, are) big and round.
  6. (knowledge) His … (grows, grow) quickly.
  7. (news) The war … (is,  are) all old!
  8. (hair) His … (was, were) grey, and he was fat and short.
  9. (fish) I have two red … .
  10. (wine and cheese) They export … .


Unit 3

Supply the plural form for the singular nouns listed below.

41) turkey

42) cargo

43) knife

44) swine

45) son-in-law

46) ox

47) man

48) echo

49) phenomenon

50) index

51) tooth

52) mouse

53) month

54) potato

55) roof

Unit 4

1. Translate into English the phrases using the possessive case where possible.

56) чоловіча дружба

57) стіл директора

58) страхи дитини

59) хвіст лисиці

60) власність брата

61) хвилинне вагання

62) весілля брата     


63) рішення уряду

64) ранкова газета

65) відстань на одну милю

2. Put in an apostrophe where necessary.

  1. A womans love is not worth anything until it has been cleaned of all romanticism.
  2. He got twenty-four hours work out of each day.
  3. I spent Christmas at my Aunt Emilys.
  4. We got some goats milk with us.
  5. Why, for Gods sake, we go through all this hell?.
  6. He was still thinking of next mornings papers.
  7. He was on his two miles walk to Berkley.
  8. They were leaving the house without an instants delay.
  9. He watched her with a boys enthusiasm.
  10. See you at Johns!

Unit 5

Give female nouns correspondent to the following male nouns.

76) actor

77) fox

78) baron

79) widower

80) bachelor

81) uncle

82) nephew

83) lord


84) duke

85) hero



Review Exercises

Translate into English.

  1. В моїй кишені немає грошей.
  2. Я знаю, що в мене гарне волосся.
  3. Двотижнева відпустка пішла йому на користь.
  4. Міліція щойно впіймала вбивцю.
  5. Машина – добре, а олені – краще!
  6. Мої  знання англійської достатньо гарні.
  7. Після смерті дружини він назавжди залишився вдівцем.
  8. Це такі гарні новини!
  9. Всі ранкові газети повідомили про його великі успіхи.
  10. Це дуже дорогий одяг.
  11. Круті сходи ведуть до моря.
  12. Товар прибув, але митниця ще його не оглядала.
  13. ніхто не прислухався до його порад.
  14. мій годинник спішить.
  15. 100)     Материнська любов безкінечна.


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