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Word-List - 2. Clothes
28.09.2014, 21:34



Part 2




  1. baggy

мішкуватий, вільний

(of clothes) hanging loosely because of being too big or having been stretched

  1. beret


a round flat hat made of soft material

  1. blazer


a type of jacket, often with the symbol of a school or organization sewn on the front pocket and worn as part of a uniform

  1. blouse


a shirt for a woman or girl

  1. boutique


a small shop that sells fashionable clothes, shoes, jewellery, etc.

  1. boxer shorts

довгі шорти

men's underwear that fit loosely and are similar to short trousers

  1. bra


a piece of women's underwear that supports the breasts

  1. brand


a type of product made by a particular company

  1. button


a small, usually circular object used to fasten something, for example a shirt or coat

  1. cardigan

карди ган

a piece of clothing made from wool, which covers the upper part of the body and the arms, fastening at the front with buttons, and usually worn over other clothes

  1. casual


describes clothes that are not formal or not suitable for special occasions

  1. changing / fitting room


a room where people can change their clothes, for example before and after sports or, in a shop, where people can try on clothes before buying them

  1. checked

в клітинку

with a pattern of squares formed by lines of different colours crossing each other

  1. close-fitting

що облягає

describes clothing that fits very tightly

  1. cloth


(a type of) woven material

  1. clothing


clothes, especially of a type made to protect the wearer against heat, water or machinery

  1. collar


the part around the neck of a piece of clothing, usually sewn on and sometimes made of different material

  1. corduroy


a thick cotton material with soft raised parallel lines in one direction, used especially for making clothes

  1. costume


the set of clothes typical of a particular country or period of history, or suitable for a particular activity

  1. cotton


thread or cloth made from the fibres of the cotton plant

  1. cuff


the thicker material at the end of a sleeve nearest the hand

  1. denim


a thick strong cotton cloth, often blue in colour, used especially for making jeans

  1. earring (s)


a piece of jewellery, usually one of a pair, worn in a hole in the ear or fixed to the ear by a clip

  1. elegant


graceful and attractive in appearance or behavior

  1. fashionable


popular at a particular time

  1. (flared) trousers


becoming wider at one end; a piece of clothing that covers the lower part of the body from the waist to the feet, consisting of two cylindrical parts, one for each leg, which are joined at the top

  1. flowery


decorated with pictures of flowers

  1. footwear


shoes, boots or any other outer covering for the human foot

  1. (frayed) jeans


with the threads at the edge coming loose jeans

  1. fur coat


a garment made of fur

  1. garment


a piece of clothing

  1. glove


a piece of clothing which is worn on the hand and wrist for warmth or protection, with separate parts for each finger

  1. hem


the edge of a piece of cloth, such as the bottom edge of a skirt or dress, which is folded over and sewn so that it does not develop loose threads

  1. jacket


a short coat

  1. jumper


a piece of clothing made from wool which covers the upper part of the body and the arms, and which does not open at the front

  1. label


a piece of paper or other material which gives you information about the object it is fixed to

  1. laces


a string which you use to fasten openings, especially in shoes, by putting it through two lines of small holes and tying the ends together

  1. leather


animal skin treated in order to preserve it, and used to make shoes, bags, clothes, equipment, etc

  1. loose


not firmly fixed in place

  1. mitten  


a type of glove with a single part for all the fingers and a separate part for the thumb

  1. old-fashioned


not modern, belonging to or typical of a time in the past

  1. outfit

наряд/ спецодяг

a set of clothes worn for a particular occasion or activity

  1. overcoat      


a long thick coat worn in cold weather

  1. pin-striped

в тонку смужку

a usually dark cloth with a pattern of narrow, usually pale, parallel lines

  1. plain pattern of fabric

простий малюнок

not decorated in any way; with nothing added

  1. pleated skirt

гофрована спідниця

a narrow fold in a piece of cloth made by pressing or sewing two parts of the cloth together

  1. pocket 


a small bag for carrying things in, which is made of cloth and sewn into the inside or onto the outside of a piece of clothing

  1. price-tag



  1. pullover



  1. raincoat



  1. receipt



  1. round-neck



  1. sandals



  1. scarf



  1. scruffy



  1. sew



  1. shirt



  1. shoe



  1. shopping precinct



  1. sleeve



  1. slipper



  1. smart clothes



  1. sock



  1. sole



  1. spotted



  1. (stiletto) heel



  1. stocking



  1. stylish



  1. suede



  1. sweatshirt



  1. (tailored) suit



  1. tasteful



  1. tight



  1. tights



  1. (top-)boot



  1. tracksuit



  1. trendy



  1. T-shirt



  1. underwear



  1. velvet



  1. V-neck



  1. well-dressed/groomed



  1. with-it



  1. wool/woollen            



  1. to bargain



  1. to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing



  1. to be dressed to kill



  1. to be dressed (up) to the nines



  1. to be in sb’s shoes



  1. to be in vogue



  1. to be on sale



  1. to change into



  1. to do the shopping / go shopping



  1. to dress / get dressed



  1. to fit



  1. to go windowshopping



  1. to grow out of



  1. to have a tendency to



  1. to lace up



  1. to let down



  1. to let out



  1. to make purchases



  1. to match



  1. to pull one’s socks up



  1. to purchase



  1. to put on



  1. to line / queue up



  1. to shop around



  1. to suit



  1. to take in



  1. to take off



  1. to take out



  1. to try / fit on



  1. to wear one’s Sunday best



  1. to wear the trousers



  1. to zip up



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