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Topics for Oral Credit
04.12.2013, 17:52


Explain/guess from the definition/translate

1. Family. Relationships.

2. Appearance. Character. Clothes.

3. Food. Shopping.

Topics for Oral Credit - 2015


  1. You are what you wear. Do you agree?
  2. What outfits would you wear to the wedding of your best friend and to the picnic?
  3. Where do you usually shop for clothes? What are attractive and restraining factors for you when deciding what to buy?
  4. Describe the features of your personality both positive and negative. What factors can influence your mood?
  5. What does one of your best group-mates look like?
  6. What is your best friend like?
  7. Compare a church wedding ceremony and a registry office wedding ceremony.
  8. What do you think about surrogate parenting?
  9. What is a "generation gap”?
  10. What is the father's/mother's role in bringing up his/her son/daughter?
  11. Tell us about the kinds of food and provide a reasonable diet for a child for a day.
  12. Why mothers are the best cooks for their children?
  13. What is your favourite cuisine? Give a recipe of the dish you like and know how to cook.
  14. Describe the interior, atmosphere and cuisine of your favourite restaurant or café.



1. Verb.Table of active tenses.

2. Adjectives. Adverbs.

3. A, the, zero articles. Pronouns. Determiners. Quantifiers.

4. Nouns.


Examination card SAMPLE

1. (10 points) Topic: What is a generation gap? Have you had your personal experience of this phenomenon?

2. (5 points) Teacher’s grammar questions: (Tenses, Nouns, Pronouns, Articles, Adjectives, Adverbs)

3. (5 points) Explain the words: generous, a couple, poultry, T-shirt, to grate

4. (5 points) Translate the following into English: вельвет, виноград, торгуватися, худа людина, свідок на весіллі

5. (5 points) Correct the mistakes and explain the rules:

a. When I came home from school my brother already left.

b. Have you ever been to Netherlands?

c. I am looking for spectacles.

d. My dress is more better than yours.

e. Are you knowing that man?


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