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Word-List - 3: Food
27.10.2014, 16:39
Kinds of Food
nourishing (adj.)   food that is nourishing makes you strong and healthy поживна
nutritional value the importance or usefulness food that help you to stay healthy харчова цінність
cuisine a particular style of cooking кухня
famine a situation in which a large number of people have little or  голод
  no food for a long time and many people die  
gluttony the bad habit of eating and drinking too much обжерливість
fatty food containing a lot of fat жирна їжа
high/medium-fat containing much or average amount of fat вис./сер. жирності
fattening (adj.) likely to make you fat жирна
vegetarian someone who does not eat meat or fish вегетаріанець
vegan someone who does not eat any animal products at all,  строгий 
  such as meat, fish, eggs, cheese, or milk вегетаріанець
potluck a meal in which everyone who is invited brings something to eat спільний стіл
  one of several natural substances that exist in food   
protein such as meat, eggs, and beans, and which your body білок
  needs in order to grow and remain strong and healthy  
a snack a small amount of food that is eaten between main meals  легка закуска
  or instead of a meal  
to have a snack to eat a small amount of food перекусити
to bite to use your teeth to cut, crush, or chew something кусати
to get a bite to have a short meal перекусити
to chew   to bite food several times before swallowing it жувати
to consume   to eat or drink something пити/їсти
to take in   to provide oneself with some extra food запасатися
fast food   food such as hamburgers which is prepared quickly and  швидка їжа
  that you can take away with you  
junk food   food that is not healthy, for example because it contains  нездорова їжа
  a lot of fat, sugar etc  
ethnic food   food from countries that are far away, which seems  національні 
  very different and unusual страви
health food   food that contains only natural substances, and that is  здорова їжа
  good for your health  
to be thirsty   to feel that you want or need a drink бути спраглим
to starve   to suffer or die because you do not have enough to eat голодати
to be fed up   to be annoyed or bored, and wanting something to change бути ситим по горло
to gulp down   to swallow large quantities of food or drink quickly жлуктати
to polish off   to finish food quickly or easily швидко поїсти
take away food   if you buy food to take away, you buy cooked food from  їжа на винос
  a restaurant and take it outside to eat it somewhere else  
meals-on-wheels   a service run by the government in Britain in which hot meals  доставка їжі бідним 
  are taken to old or sick people in their homes на дом
processed food processed food has substances added to it before it is sold,  оброблена
  in order to preserve it, improve its colour etc  
confectionery   sweets, chocolates etc солодощі
delicatessen   a shop that sells high quality cheeses, salads, meats etc гастрономія
candy   a sweet food made from sugar or chocolate цукерка
ice cream   a frozen sweet food made of milk, cream, and sugar, with fruit,  морозиво
  nuts, chocolate etc sometimes added to it  
vanilla (adj.)   having the taste of vanilla ванільний
chocolate bar   a small block of chocolate шоколадка
baker's / bakery   a place where bread and cakes are baked, or a shop  булочна
  where they are sold  
flour   a powder that is made by crushing wheat or other grain and  мука
  is used for making bread, cakes etc  
biscuit  a small thin dry cake that is usually sweet and made for  печиво
  one person to eat  
pastry   a mixture of flour, butter, and milk or water, used to make  тісто
  the outer part of baked foods such as pies  
puff pastry   light pastry with a soft mixture inside листкове тісто
roll   a small round loaf of bread for one person булочка, рулет
scone a small round cake, sometimes containing dried fruit,  коржик
  which is usually eaten with butter  
shortbread   a hard, sweet biscuit made with a lot of butter пісочне печиво
sponge cake   a light cake made from flour, sugar, butter and eggs бісквіт
gingerbread   a heavy sweet cake or a biscuit with ginger in it імбірний пряник
wholemeal bread   wholemeal bread uses all of the grain, including the outer layer висівковий хліб
stale bread   bread or cake that is stale is no longer fresh or good to eat черствий хліб
bun a small round type of bread булочка
buckwheat   a type of small grain used as food for chickens,  гречка
  and for making flour  
beverage   a hot or cold drink напій
beer an alcoholic drink made from malt and hops пиво
strawberry   a soft red juicy fruit with small seeds on its surface, or the plant  полуниця
  that grows this fruit  
bean a seed or a pod (=case containing seeds) , that comes from  боб
  a climbing plant and is cooked as food  
wine   an alcoholic drink made from grapes, or a type of this drink вино
cocktail   an alcoholic drink made from a mixture of different drinks коктейль
eggnog   a drink made from eggs, sugar, milk, and alcohol,  напій зі збитих яєць
  usually drunk at Christmas  
coffee   a hot dark brown drink that has a slightly bitter taste кава
juice the liquid that comes from fruit and vegetables, or a drink  сік
  that is made from this  
alcoholic drinks   relating to alcohol or containing alcohol алкогольні напої
soft drinks   a cold drink that does not contain alcohol безалкогольні напої
greengrocery   a shop selling fruit and vegetables овочевий магазин
fruit something that grows on a plant, tree, or bush, can be eaten  фрукт
  as a food, contains seeds or a stone, and is usually sweet  
vegetable a plant that is eaten raw or cooked, such as a cabbage овоч
apricot   a small round orange or yellow fruit that has a single large seed абрикос
blackberry   a small black or purple berry from a bush that has thorns смородина
cherry   a small round red or black fruit with a long thin stem and  вишня
  a stone in the middle  
  the large brown seed of a tropical tree, which has a hard shell   
coconut   containing white flesh that you can eat and a milky liquid  кокос
  that you can drink  
currant a small dried grape used especially in baking cakes родзинка
grape one of a number of small round green or purple fruits  виноград
  that grow together on a vine  
lime   a small juicy green fruit with a sour taste лайм
melon   a large round fruit with sweet juicy flesh диня
orange   a round fruit that has a thick orange skin and is  апельсин
  divided into parts inside  
peach   a round juicy fruit that has a soft yellow or red skin and a large,  персик
  hard seed in the centre, or the tree that this fruit grows on  
pear a sweet juicy fruit that has a round base and is thinner  груша
  near the top, or the tree that produces this fruit  
pineapple   a large yellow-brown tropical fruit or its sweet juicy yellow flesh ананас
plum   a small round juicy fruit which is dark red, purple, or yellow and  слива
  has a single hard seed, or the tree that produces this fruit  
raspberry a soft sweet red berry, or the bush that this berry grows on малина
Brussels sprout  a small round green vegetable that looks like a small cabbage брюсельська капуста
cabbage   a large round vegetable with thick green or purple leaves капуста
carrot   a long pointed orange vegetable that grows under the ground морква
cauliflower   a vegetable with green leaves around a firm white centre цвітна капуста
celery   a vegetable with long pale green stems that you can eat cooked  сельдерей
  or uncooked  
dill a type of herb кріп
garlic   a plant like a small onion, used in cooking to give a strong taste часник
lettuce   a round vegetable with thin green leaves eaten raw in salads салат-латук
radish   a small vegetable whose red or white root is eaten raw and  редис
  has a strong spicy taste  
mushroom   one of several kinds of fungus with stems and round tops,  гриб
  some of which can be eaten  
onion   a round white vegetable with a brown, red, or white skin  лук
  and many layers  
paprika a red powder made from a type of sweet pepper, used for  паприка
  giving a slightly hot taste to meat and other food  
parsley   a curly-leaved herb, used in cooking or as decoration on food петрушка
pea   a round green seed that is cooked and eaten as a vegetable,  горошок
  or the plant on which these seeds grow  
spinach   a vegetable with large dark green leaves шпінат
squash   one of a group of large vegetables with solid flesh and  гарбуз
  hard skins, such as pumpkins  
butcher's   a shop where you can buy meat м’ясний магазин
frozen food   frozen food has been stored at a very low temperature  заморожена їжа
  in order to preserve it  
veal the meat of a calf (=a young cow) телятина
venison   the meat of a deer оленина
meat   the flesh of animals and birds eaten as food м’ясо
poultry   meat from birds such as chickens and ducks птиця
beef   the meat from a cow яловичина
chicken   the meat from this bird eaten as food курятина
duck the meat of a duck used as food утятина
goose   the cooked meat of this bird гусятина
ham   the upper part of a pig's leg, or the meat from this that has been  окорок
  preserved with salt or smoke  
kidney   one of the two organs in animals lower back used as food нирка
lamb   the meat of a young sheep молода баранина
liver   a large organ in animals body used as food печінка
pork   the meat from pigs свинина
lard   white fat from pigs that is used in cooking сало
turkey   the meat from a turkey eaten as food індичатина
fishmonger's   a shop that sells fish рибний магазин
seafood   animals from the sea that you can eat, for example shellfish морепродукти
cod   the white flesh of a cod, eaten as food тріска
haddock   a fish that lives in northern seas and is often used as food пікша
herring   a long thin silver sea fish that can be eaten сельдь
mackerel   a sea fish that has oily flesh and a strong taste скумбрія
oysters   a type of shellfish that can be eaten cooked or uncooked,  устриця
  and that produces a jewel called a pearl  
prawn   a small pink shellfish that can be eaten креветка
shrimp a small sea creature that you can eat, which has ten legs  креветка
  and a soft shell  
salmon a large fish with silver skin and pink flesh that lives in the sea  лосось
  but swims up rivers to lay its eggs and is often eaten as food  
trout   a common river-fish, often used for food, or the flesh of this fish форель
tuna   a large sea fish caught for food тунець
lobster   a sea animal with eight legs, a shell, and two large claws лобстер
dairy products   milk, butter, cheese etc молочні продукти
cottage cheese   soft white cheese made from sour milk сир (творог)
cream cheese   a type of soft white smooth cheese вершковий сир
skim (med) milk   milk that has had all the fat and cream removed from it знежирене молоко
yoghurt   a thick liquid food that tastes slightly sour and is made from  йогурт
  milk, or an amount of this food  
sour cream   cream that has been made thicker by adding a type of bacteria кисле молоко
margarine a yellow substance similar to butter but made from vegetable  маргарин
  or animal fats, which you eat with bread or use for cooking  
menu   a list of all the kinds of food that are available for a meal меню
a la carte   if food is à la carte, each dish has a separate price порційна
starter   a small amount of food eaten at the start of a meal before  закуска
  the main part  
appetizer   a small dish that you eat at the beginning of a meal закуска
main course   the main part of a meal основні страви
dessert sweet food served after the main part of a meal десерт
tasty food that is tasty has a good taste, but is not sweet смачна
appetite a desire for food апетит
aftertaste   a taste that stays in your mouth after you have eaten  привкус
  or drunk something  
delicious very pleasant to taste or smell дуже смачна
dish   food cooked or prepared in a particular way as a meal страва
high tea  a meal of cold food, cakes etc eaten in the early evening вечеря
regular meals   meals with the same amount of time in between регулярне харчування
lunch   a meal eaten in the middle of the day другий сніданок
headwaiter   the person in charge of a group of waiters метрдотель
to order   to ask for food or a drink in a restaurant, bar etc замовити
to serve   to give someone food or drink, especially as part of a meal or  обслуговувати
  in a restaurant, bar etc  
to have a second  to have the second amount of food that someone gives you  мати добавку
helping   or that you take  
to help oneself  to offer sb taking some of what they want, without  пропонувати
to sth   asking permission - used especially when offering food  
diner   someone who is eating той, хто їсть
to eat out   to eat in a restaurant instead of at home їсти не вдома
to go Dutch   to share the cost of a meal in a restaurant ділити витрати
chef a skilled cook, especially the main cook in a hotel or restaurant шеф-повар
Cooking & Diet
to be on a diet to have a limited range and amount of food that you eat  бути на дієті
  when you want to get thinner  
to slave over  to cook very hard with little time to rest багато готувати
a hot stove    
bacon and eggs eggs fried in a pan with bacon (usually eaten for breakfast) яєчня з беконом
barbecue   a meal or party during which food is cooked on a metal frame  шашлики
  over a fire and eaten outdoors  
meat loaf   meat that has been cut into very small pieces,  буженина
  pressed together, and baked  
sausage   a small tube of skin filled with a mixture of meat, spices etc,  сосиска
  eaten hot or cold after it has been cooked  
yolk the yellow part in the centre of an egg жовток
steak good quality beef, or a large thick piece of any  вирізка
  good quality red meat  
to season   to add salt, pepper etc to food you are cooking заправляти
to stuff   to fill a chicken, pepper etc with a mixture of bread or rice,  шпигувати
  onion etc before cooking it  
to whip   to mix cream or the clear part of an egg very hard  збивати
  until it becomes stiff  
to marinate   to put meat or fish in a marinade, or to be left in  маринувати
  a marinade for some time  
to grate   to rub cheese, vegetables etc against a rough or sharp surface  терти
  in order to break them into small pieces  
seasoning   salt, pepper, spices etc that give food a more interesting taste приправи
condiment a powder or liquid, such as salt or ketchup, that you use  приправа
  to give a special taste to food  
sauce a thick cooked liquid that is served with food to give it  соус
  a particular taste  
jacket potato a potato baked with its skin on запечена картопля
ravioli small pasta squares filled with meat or cheese пельмені равіолі
dough a mixture of flour and water ready to be baked into  тісто
  bread, pastry etc  
doughnut a small round cake, often in the form of a ring пончик
batter a mixture of flour, eggs, milk etc, used in cooking  рідке тісто
  and for making bread, cakes etc  
cereal a breakfast food made from grain and usually eaten with milk каша
noodles long thin pieces of food made from a mixture of flour, water,  локшина
  and eggs, usually cooked in soup or boiling water  
pasta an Italian food made from flour, eggs, and water  паста (макаронні
  and cut into various shapes, usually eaten with a sauce вироби)
macaroni a type of pasta in the shape of small tubes макарони
tart a pie without a top on it, containing something sweet тістечко
apple-pie apples baked inside a pastry covering яблучний пиріг
toast bread that has been heated so that it is brown on both sides  тост
  and no longer soft  
pizza a food made of thin flat round bread, baked with tomato,  піца
  cheese, and sometimes vegetables or meat on top  
hamburger a flat round piece of finely cut beef which is cooked  гамбургер
  and eaten in a bread bun  
submarine growing under the sea водорості
sandwich two pieces of bread with cheese, meat, vegetables,  бутерброд
  cooked egg, etc between them  
pudding a hot/cold sweet dish, made from cake, rice, bread etc  пудінг
  with fruit, milk or other sweet things added  
pancake a thin flat round cake made from flour, milk, and eggs,  млинець
  that has been cooked in a flat pan and is eaten hot  
to bake to cook something using dry heat, in an oven пекти
to blend to thoroughly mix together soft or liquid substances  перемішувати
  to form a single smooth substance  
to boil to cook something in boiling water варити
to casserole to cook food in a casserole (a deep covered dish used for  запікати
  cooking food in an oven)  
to stew to cook something slowly in liquid тушкувати
to chop to cut something into smaller pieces нарізати
to cook to prepare food for eating by using heat готувати
  if you grill something, or if it grills, you cook it by putting it   
to grill on a flat metal frame with bars across it,  підсмажити
  above or below strong direct heat  
to mash to crush food that has been cooked until it is soft and smooth м’яти
to peel to remove the skin from fruit or vegetables обчищати
to roast to cook something, such as meat, in an oven or over a fire,  смажити
  or to cook in this way  
to simmer to boil gently, or to cook something slowly by boiling it gently проварювати
to steam to cook something in steam (the hot mist that water produces  пропарювати
  when it is boiled)  
dressing a mixture of liquids, usually oil and vinegar,  приправа
  that you put on salad or raw vegetables  
gravy a sauce made from the juice that comes from meat  підлива
  as it cooks, mixed with flour and water  
mayonnaise a thick white sauce, made of raw egg yolks and oil,  майонез
  often eaten on sandwiches or salad  
mustard a yellow sauce with a strong taste, eaten especially with meat гірчиця
catsup/ketchup a thick cold red tomato sauce that you put on food кетчуп
herbs small plants that are used to improve the taste of food трави
spices a type of powder or seed, taken from plants, that you спеції
  put into food you are cooking to give it a special taste  
spicy food that is spicy has a pleasantly strong taste,  гостра
  and gives you a pleasant burning feeling in your mouth  
pepper a powder that is used to add a hot taste to food перець
chilli a small thin red or green pepper with a very strong hot taste перець чілі
cinnamon a sweet-smelling brown substance used for giving  кориця
  a special taste to cakes and other sweet foods  
curry a spicy Indian sauce карі
ginger a root with a very strong hot taste, or the powder made  імбир
  from this root, that is used in cooking  
nutmeg a brown powder made from the seed of a tropical tree,  мускат
  which is used as a spice  
vinegar a sour-tasting liquid made from malt or wine that is used  оцет
  to improve the taste of food or to preserve it  
cookery book a book that tells you how to prepare and cook food куховарська книга
edible can be eaten їстівний
eatable in a good enough condition to be eaten їстівний
deep fried cooked under the surface of hot fat or oil смажений в олії
overcook to cook food for too long переготувати
undercook to cook food for not long enough недоготувати
rare / medium /  meat that is rare has only been cooked for a short time and  недоготоване /
well done is still red / meat that is medium or medium rare is  майже готове /
  partly cooked but still slightly pink inside / meat that is well-done  готове
  has been cooked thoroughly  
hard-boiled eggs a hard-boiled egg has been boiled until it becomes solid круто зварені яйця
soft-boiled eggs an egg that is soft-boiled is boiled long enough for the white part  рідко зварені яйця
  to become solid, but the yellow part in the centre is still liquid  
scrambled eggs eggs cooked in a pan after the white and yellow parts  яєчня, омлет
  have been mixed together  
hot food that tastes hot has a burning taste because it contains  гостра
  strong spices  
ingredient one of the foods that you use to make a particular food or dish інгридієнт
recipe a set of instructions for cooking a particular type of food рецепт
bitter having a sharp strong taste like black coffee without sugar гіркий
sour having a sharp acid taste, like the taste of a lemon or a fruit  кислий
  that is not ready to be eaten  
sweet containing or having a taste like sugar солодкий
dishwasher   a machine that washes dishes посудомийка
sink a large open container that you fill with water and use for  мийка
  washing yourself, washing dishes etc  
dishcloth a cloth used for washing dishes тряпка для посуду
food processor   a piece of electrical equipment used to prepare food by  електричний 
  cutting and mixing it комбайн
fridge   a large piece of electrical kitchen equipment, used for  холодильник
  keeping food and drinks cool  
freezer   a large piece of electrical kitchen equipment in which food  морозильна камера
  can be stored at very low temperatures for a long time  
bin a container for putting waste in відро для сміття
microwave oven   a type of oven that cooks food very quickly using very short  мікрохвильова піч
  electric waves instead of heat  
tin opener   a tool for opening tins of food консервний ніж
corkscrew a tool made of twisted metal that you use to pull a cork  штопор
  out of a bottle  
chopping board   a large piece of wood or plastic that you cut meat or  дошка для 
  vegetables on when you are cooking нарізання
breadboard a wooden board on which you cut bread дошка для 
casserole dish a deep covered dish used for cooking food in an oven нарізання хліба
saucepan a deep round metal container with a handle that is  каструля
  used for cooking  
frying pan a round flat pan with a long handle, used for frying food сковорода
grater a tool used for grating food терка
carving knife a large knife used for cutting large pieces of meat ніж для м’яса
meat/coffee grinder a machine that cuts meat into very small pieces by forcing it  м’ясорубка
  through small holes/a small machine that crushes coffee beans кофемолка
electric deep fryer an electric big deep pan for frying food фритюрниця
peeler a knife for removing the skin from fruit or vegetables ніж для чищення
food mixer a piece of equipment used to mix food міксер
kettle a container with a lid, a handle, and a spout, used for  чайник
  boiling and pouring water  
teapot a container for making and serving tea, which has  чайник для заварки
  a handle and a spout  
blender an electric machine that you use to mix liquids and  блендер
  soft foods together  
garlic press a tool used to crush garlic часникочавилка
stool a seat that has three or four legs, but no back or arms табурет
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